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Dual Snowboards are the latest craze in ski country. Stagger your friends and family with the best tricks and steal the show on the slopes. They are actually 2 small snowboards. This will give you much more freedom when it comes to tricks. And now you can just walk to the slopes without having to loosen your board. Dual Snowboards brings together two worlds: that of the ski sport and Snowboarding and combines the advantages of these two worlds. Easy to carry due to its small size. The ideal addition to your Ski equipment.


  • Top Sheet: ICP 2110 TPU
  • Basisplaat: IS 4400 PE looponderstel
  • Zijwand: ID 200 ABS
  • Woodcore: Populier
  • Glasvezel: Biaxle 600 kgs/m2
  • Lijm: Epoxy hars
  • Afwerking: PU Coating op de top
  • Insert: patroon 4x
  • Hoge kwaliteit digitale prints


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